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We coach and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Who are we?

We are helping innovative companies reach their full potential based on data and
measurable goals. With years of experience in building and selling companies, we focus
on delivering real business value via consultancy.

Our ambition and straightforward approach enable more people to use, access and
understand their companies’ full potential. So, in short, we are on a mission to build a
better future for all.

Are you with us?

Sales Strategy & Management

“Our experts with more than 30 years of
experience in sales know that the only way
to increase your revenue and profitability
is to create a proper sales management
strategy. That’s because you’ll need to
have an appropriate process in place to
convert prospects into customers in an
efficient manner.
We are here to help you to reach your customers and manage their expectations.”

Innovation & Startup Consulting

“We love working with new ideas and
startups, which is the only way to build
innovative solutions. However, we also
understand that innovating can be a
gruesome process, especially if it’s your
first rodeo. That’s why we’re happy to
assist our clients in anything they need –
from ideating and preparing business plans
to market and risk analysis, as well as fundraising.

Industries and sectors

Logistics & Transportation

Industrial IoT & Robotics

Enterprise SaaS







Aleksander Gansen

Founder of AG Consult
Startups advisor
Angel investor

About our advisors

I believe in ever-evolving technology innovation. Having more than 30 years
of experience as an entrepreneur, advisor and investor, I’ve gathered some
valuable knowledge that I now happily share with startups and the next
generation of entrepreneurs. In addition, I am lucky to be a part of a network with the best mentors and
fantastic business partners with whom I can put you in touch.
All in all, I genuinely believe that The Team is everything.


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